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Looking for a lighting solution across Australia? There is no better option than BY LIVING because it provides you high quality and innovative solutions to your lighting problem. The best way to get your lighting problems sorted out is to contact BY LIVING and get the best solution to your problems. We have a huge variety of lighting options available for our customers. With a mix of new and old ideas we try to create something new for you so that your house, café or workplace gets the perfect look that you have always dreamt of.

How BY LIVING makes its designs innovative to provide you dream lighting solution.

By LIVING is one of the premium furniture and lighting company in Australia. The major reason behind its success is that it has hard working and dedicated set of employees who are devoted in working with lighting. They are well experienced and educated to provide you a perfect solution to your lighting problem. Moreover our employees have been given free hand when it comes to designing and giving out new and fresh ideas. With a blend of youth and experience we provide you exceptional solutions that work perfectly with your new or old house.

Lighting is one essential element of each and every house. You can’t live without light so it is important to have some lighting options that do not only lighten up your house but also provide a unique touch. Moreover when By LIVING will be provided the opportunity to set up your house with its unique and special lightings your house will give an exclusive look. So hurry up, visit out store right now so that you get the latest lights available with us. On your visit you will be amazed to see our collection of lightings.

We feel it’s our duty to make sure that our customers are able to get the perfect lightings for their house, café or workplace. We believe that lighting effects can change the look of a place. So don’t waste the chance to give out a strong message to the world through some exceptional piece of lightings. If you have an idea for the lighting share with our employees otherwise our employees will have a huge variety of suggestions for you.


We are the best lighting company currently residing in Australia. We not only provide quality work but we also ensure that our lighting options are easily affordable by our customers. For us our customers value the most as their happiness is a source of power to our success.